Stop Bar Stencil

Available in two sizes:

  • 8' L x 16'' H - $70.00
  • 8' L x 24'' H - $80.00
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The Stop Bar Stencil conforms to Federal Specifications and is perfect for painting a visibly crisp bar on any concrete surface. You can use this in many different places in your parking lot or parking garage. This stencil is 1/8" thick and can flex to conform to most surfaces.

You have your choice of sizes:

  • 8' L x 16'' H for $70.00
  • 8' L x 24'' H for $80.00

Just apply paint with a brush, roller, or spray equipment. When the paint dries, paint will flake off the stencil. Our industrial grade stencils are designed for heavy use and minimum care, they can last a lifetime.

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