EXIT Stencil

18'' Letter size, 1/16'' gauge

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The 18'' EXIT Stencil is a great help when you are looking to guide your customers through your parking lot or garage. Each stencil is made from 100 percent virgin polymers with a thickness of 1/8" to stand up to the heavy use it will be put through.

  • Designed to meet D.O.T. specs nationwide
  • Layout and designs follow through, allowing you to create more visible and proportioned markings
  • Cut with ample overspray
  • Easy to transport
  • Lighter than wood or metal
  • Clean up easily - When paint dries, it easily peels off

The many uses for our stencils include: Parking Lots, Industrial Floor Marking, Athletic Fields, Wall Legends, Running Tracks, Machinery Labeling, Airports, Factory Safety Awareness, Logos and many more.

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