HANDICAP Symbol Stencil

Available in:

  • 32'' H x 24'' W - Traditional - $70.00
  • 41'' H x 33'' W - Traditional - $75.00
  • 36'' H x 28'' W - Active - $75.00  New!
  • 45'' H x 36'' W - Active - $89.00  New!
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The HANDICAP Symbol Stencil, now available in 2 sizes and 2 styles, is made out of 100 percent virgin polymers. It has a 1/8" thickness to withstand heavy use and with minimum care these patented Form-Flex® stencils will last a lifetime. Unlike wood, aluminum or other stencils, our stencils will not break, bend, crease, or warp. Our stencils are all designed to meet D.O.T. specs nationwide.

Your choice of two sizes in either Traditional symbol or the new Active symbol

When you receive your stencil, rest assured it will always lay flat, yet will flex to conform to any surface-smooth or rough. Apply paint with roller, brush or spray equipment. Flexible stencils won't develop a paint build up, which means, when paint dries, it simply flakes off!

The best part? Easy to Transport...Lighter than Wood... and Easy Clean up! Can't beat that!

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