Valet Key Fob Disabler

Disables the signal for all style FOB keys and remotes

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This product has been specifically designed to disable the FOB Key Signal. It successfully secures every style FOB Key/Smart Key in the automobile industry. Sold to the private or public sector, it is lightweight and manufactured of special composite alloy.

Product specs: 2 inch D x 4.75 inch L - weighing 1 lb. All key fob disablers come with one operating key - additional keys can be purchased (see KVKEYFOBDISABLERKEY)

Operating Instructions

1. The parking attendant inserts a master key into the cap of the fob disabler.

2. A half turn of the master key into the cap releases the locking mechanism and removes the cap.

3.This now allows you to place the Key FOB into the canister.

4. ADDED SECURITY with a Self-Locking Cap: When you put the cap back onto the Key FOB Disabler it automatically locks it into place. No Master Key is needed to relock the canister.

As an added bonus: All disablers have the option of being keyed the same depending on your parking operations. All caps are interchangeable in the event security has been compromised or an individual loses an operating key

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