Mercedes-Style Key Lock

Accommodates Mercedes keys and any key similar to the Mercedes


This is the lock only, Master Key sold separately (KVMK)

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Our Mercedes-Style Key Lock operates with the Master Key and secures your Mercedes key or any key similar to that style. The lock never nicks or damages keys.

How Does it Work? Insert your vehicle ignition key through the housing of the aluminum cylinder and secure into place with the operating master key.


  • This style lock is designed with such an intricate locking mechanism that it will not damage this very delicate key
  • Accommodates Mercedes style ignition keys; including any key that is of similar style, such as your Chrysler key
  • The same operating key will operate the Mercedes style and standard valet key lock Rust-resistant
  • Lightweight

This Key Valet System makes the ignition key useless to potential thieves.

Also available is a comfortable and durable KVBELT attendant's belt which holds up to 13 Key Valet Locks along with a tether that prevents misplacement of the Master Key.

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