Gorilla Bollard Replacement Component

Available in our Standard 10 Bollard Colors

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Occasionally, our Gorilla Post® 7" Bollard gets damaged by overly careless drivers. Should the 7" sleeve or the adapter at the bottom that connects the sleeve to the spring become damaged, having a spare sub-component on hand will enable easy and fast repairs.

Simply remove the two hex screws that hold the damaged adapter and sleeve to the spring and replace it with a new durable bollard sleeve and adapter. Install the two screws and you are back in business.

It's that simple!

You will receive a 48" H x 7" D replacement sleeve in your choice of color, a bollard adapter and installation hardware when you order this product.

Your choice of sleeve color:

  • Beige w/ White Reflective 
  • Black w/ White Reflective
  • Blue w/ White Reflective
  • Brown w/ White Reflective
  • Green w/ White Reflective
  • Gray w/Red Reflective
  • Orange w/ White Reflective
  • Red w/ White Reflective
  • White w/Blue Reflective
  • Yellow w/ Red Reflective
  • Yellow w/ White Reflective

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