48 " X 2 1/3 " Diameter Drivable Soil Mount Base Gorilla Post

The Drivable Soil Mount Gorilla Post delineator is designed for installations without a hardscape surface, whether located near hard surface parking areas, in gravel parking lots, or a stand alone at areas such as festival pedestrian patterns or trailheads.

This post will flex upon impact and returns to a standing position.

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The delineator attaches to a 2” x 2” 12 gauge perforated square tubing. The 18” long tubing is sunk into the soil, giving the delineator an extra sturdy anchor point while still being flexible. This allows the delineator to withstand an impact that minimizes damage to the delineator and to the vehicle.

Gorilla Post Drivable Soil Base Advantages:

  • Gravel, grass and dirt application
  • Can be used with 12“-wide x 18”-long aluminum or plastic sign
  • Flexes on impact reducing damage to post and vehicle
  • Returns to upright position after impact
  • Lightweight, weighs under 10 pounds
  • Delineators can be deployed permanently or temporarily

The delineator measures 48 inches tall with a 2 1/3“ tube diameter mounted upon the 18″-long 2” x 2” 12 gauge perforated square tubing.

With the addition of the Drivable Soil Base to the Gorilla Post System, there is virtually no place where one of the Gorilla Post options of delineators or bollards can’t be used.

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The complete Gorilla Post product line is available at www.GorillaPost.com.

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