Signs & Frames

Signs & Frames

  • What is the best way to hang the lane closed signs?

    The cable is 15 ft. long and has looped ends, so  you can install a hook or snap ring on either end of your opening to hang them from.  Having one end an open hook would make it easy .

  • What size sign do I need for this counter top display sign?

    Insert Size: 12” x 20” Visual Area: 10.75” x 18.50” Bleed: .88” x .88” Overall Size: 12.75" x 20.50” Insert Thickness (max.): .060” without divider, .035" with divider

  • What is the difference between WindMaster models WM4204 and WM4205? 

    WM4204 has round corners and opens on 2 sides. WM4205 has square mitered corners and all 4 sides open.

  • What is a parking garage voice alert system or exit warning system?

    A self-contained system that warns pedestrians that vehicle is about to exit a parking garage or other blind spot. When a vehicle is detected, the CAR COMING Parking Garage Exit Light SIGN activates a Visual Flashing Alert and a Voice Message stating "Attention, vehicles exiting". This garage exit warning system is a must for any garage that exit into a pedestrian walk way.

  • How do the Exit signs illuminate?  Do they need power?

    They do not need any power. Depending on which sign you choose, either the lettering or the background is made of ingenious Photoluminescent ink that glows for up to 90 minutes after loss of power. It works very much like the strip lighting in a commercial airplane.