Parking Lot Protection

Parking Lot Protection

  • How do I block off my parking space?

    The MySpot 500 is a great way to block off your parking spot! The system is battery powered and restricts unauthorized access to parking spaces, driveways and access ramps, while providing the convenience of using a remote control to park by authorized vehicles only. Installation is simple and quick – no digging or site preparation is required!

  • How do I know which size safety mirror to choose?

    There are a few things to remember when choosing a Safety Mirror. First, what you are trying to see, the distance you are trying to see will determine the size of the mirror. Second, the space you have to put the mirror. As a base, you should estimate one inch, in diameter for circular and in width for rectangular, of convex mirror for every foot in viewing distance from the mounting location.  Another thing to consider is that the mirror is measured by the diameter. For example, a 48" mirror is 4' across, the circumference of the mirror would be 150.72".

  • What is the difference between a speed bump and a speed hump?  Are end caps required?

    Both Speed Bumps and Speed Humps are used to slow vehicles down. Speed Bumps, with a more pronounced height, are typically used to keep speeds down to 5MPH in a parking lot or private roadway. Usually, they are not allowed on public roadways because of the risk of loss of vehicle control if hit at too high of a speed. Speed Humps do not sit as high but are longer width-wise to create a gentler vehicle rocking motion as a driver moves over it. Speed Humps are made to keep speeds down to 15MPH. End caps are not required, they are mostly there to help make the speed bumps/humps less of a trip hazard but can also be more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Do the warning stickers come with all gate arms?

    Yes. Our PVC Gate Arms include warning stickers and the Amano & Magnetic brand Gate Arms have a different style warning sticker on them. We also sell the warning stickers separately if you would like to add them to your gate arms.

  • How much padding is included on the Deluxe PVC Gate Arms?

    The PVC Gate Arms are 10 feet long and the padding is 9 feet long, which allows a foot at the end to fit into the end of the gate mechanism.

  • Which gates will the PVC Gate Arms fit into?

    When you purchase our universally designed Gate Arm Bracket Kit, the PVC Gate Arms will fit into most major gates.

  • Does the clearance bar come with chain?

    No- it does come eye bolts. You can pick up chain at your local hardware store.

  • Are Safety Mirrors easy to install?

    Yes. They have anywhere between 1 to 3 brackets to attach to the mirror and wall. Easy to follow instructions are included with every order.