Yellow Retractable Post

Highly visible, stackable and easy to store!

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This Yellow Retractable Post provides a perfect, portable solution when you need a highly visible post with a retractable belt. Suitable for outdoor use, but should not be permanently placed outside. The plastic post has bayonet fixing to attach to the recycled base for easy disassembly. The base has easy carry handles molded into the rubber and is stackable for easy storage. Hard wearing base can be walked on or driven over and will still retain its shape, making it ideal for use in warehouses, loading bags, construction sites and manufacturing facilities.

Bayonet fixing attaches the post to the base. Solid physical barrier; perfect for protecting people form dangerous areas.

Post and base can be detached from one another; making them easy to store!

The post measures 3.5 feet high with a yellow and black striped belt extending to 7.5 feet.

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