Wall-It™ Bicycle Parking and Security Device

Designed to secure a bicycle parallel to a wall (or next to a post) at a distance just far enough away so the handlebar does not quite touch the wall (1 foot).

1 Week

The Wall-It bicycle parking and security device is designed to be very compact and easy to install so bicycle parking and security may be readily located where it is convenient for bike riders.

When not in use gravity pulls the arm down against the wall so that Wall-It protrudes only 1.75 inches from the wall.

To park and secure a bike, the arm is lifted to approximately a horizontal position and a bike lock or cable is slipped through the ring at the end of the arm and around the frame of the bike as well as through one of the wheels.

Preferably the Wall-It is mounted so the arm pivot is 26'' above the ground which is the best height for locking to most bike frames.

The base is a flanged steel bracket with mounting holes in the rear for attachment to a wall (or post).

The bracket flanges support the pivot housings on each side with the pivoting arm between them.

A stainless steel spring pin, pressed through the pivot housings and the pivot end of the arm, joins the arm to the bracket. Durable nylon bushings allow the arm to pivot up and down smoothly.

With a stainless steel axle and nylon bushings, the pivot is very strong and will never seize.

The ring on the end of the arm is oriented parallel to the wall in order to maintain a low profile.

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