Waffle SMART Cleaning Card

Created specifically for the new EMV (Chip and Pin) devices!

Measures 3.156'' W x 6.5'' L

Available in bags of 10

In Stock

The Waffletechnology® S | M | A | R | T Cleaning Card is the gold standard for all chip and pin devices. The stronger, custom engineered material, longer length and uniquely designed 'waffle' placement conforms to critical EMV surface areas while also reaching more of the device interior. This single use, disposable card, has proven equally effective for swipe, friction heads and landings in all card reader devices. Cleaning of sensitive chip readers should be incorporated into a preventative maintenance program to avert misreads, reduce manual data entry and fraud potential.

To keep your machines clean, run this Cleaning Card through your Card Reader once per week. If your machine has high use or are in areas prone to an abundance of food particles, grease or dust, it's recommended to clean more frequently. System failure, device downtime and customer frustration could happen if there is a failure to clean frequently.

You know it's time to clean your machine when you come across some of these 'Dirty Device Symptoms':

  • Card rejection
  • Reader error
  • Repeated inserts/swipes
  • High failure rates
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