Rubber Speed Bumps - Pallet of 40

Yellow Striped
Made of tough, recycled tire rubber...and made in the USA!

3-4 Weeks

This Pallet of 40 Yellow Striped Rubber Speed Bumps are made of tough, recycled tire rubber with a virgin rubber overlay that is resistant to weather, salt, moisture, ultraviolet light, oil and temperature. Made in the USA and will not warp, chip or crack with an easy one person installation.

This unit is great for parking lots, parking garages and alleys.

Molded-in stripes of yellow road marking tape let drivers know they are approaching a speed bump! It is embedded with Cat-Eye Reflectors for night time visibility.

These speed bumps can be cut with a utility knife if necessary and feature dual bottom channels for drainage up to .75 inch-diameter wires and pipes. Designed for up to 15 mph. impacts and are removable for surface maintenance.

The flexible unit measures 6 feet long x 12 inches wide x 2.62 inches high with recommended speed of 5 to 10 mph. The design conforms to the contour of virtually any road surface. End caps can also be purchased to protect the speed bump ends and vehicles.

Please call for special volume pricing on End Caps purchased in quantities of 40 to 80 per Pallet of speed bumps purchased. Part number SDSBEC is sold separately.

(4) pieces of hardware are used for installation of one speed bump and are sold separately. (2) extra hardware pieces are required for each end cap you want to install. For additional security you may also use the PL Premium, a polyurethane adhesive epoxy.

Use part numbers SDAS for asphalt hardware or SDSBCA for concrete hardware.

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Ask a Question

  • What is the difference between a speed bump and a speed hump?  Are end caps required?
    Question by: admin on 2018-02-09 12:01:54

    Both Speed Bumps and Speed Humps are used to slow vehicles down. Speed Bumps, with a more pronounced height, are typically used to keep speeds down to 5MPH in a parking lot or private roadway. Usually, they are not allowed on public roadways because of the risk of loss of vehicle control if hit at too high of a speed. Speed Humps do not sit as high but are longer width-wise to create a gentler vehicle rocking motion as a driver moves over it. Speed Humps are made to keep speeds down to 15MPH. End caps are not required, they are mostly there to help make the speed bumps/humps less of a trip hazard but can also be more aesthetically pleasing.

    Answer by: on 2018-02-09 12:01:54