Time is up! The recent time change may have you running around like the hands on a clock, but the ParkingZone is introducing its newest product, the Heavy Duty Time Clock from Lathem. This time clock is the cream of the crop when it comes to keeping track of multiple time cards and keeping your company organized. It’s time to check out this feature-packed piece of technology!

Time clocks have long been a staple in the day-to-day business of small and large parking operations, alike. The new Lathem Heavy Duty Thermal Print Time Clock is a step forward in time clock technology with trademarked WhisperPrint™ technology, ensuring near-silent operation. Day of the week, month, and time is easily set and kept during power outages thanks to SmartClock™ technology.

What else does this top-of-the-line Time Clock do? Lots! How about a multi-language setting, where the month or day of the week can be printed in French, Spanish, or English? It has that! It also is constructed of heavy-duty steel and ABS plastic to withstand continuous use in adverse temperatures and climates, as well as a EZSet™ rotary knob that makes setup a breeze.

Keeping your parking operation running smoothly is what the ParkingZone is best at! We offer the most comprehensive online catalogue to the parking industry, as well as having a sales and support team who are experts in the parking field. Whether you need help finding an unknown part or product, are unsure how to improve your facility, or are just curious about how the ParkingZone can help your company, get a hold of us today and we will be happy to assist you! We are open and available Monday through Friday, 8am through 5pm.