Parking Garage Voice Alert and Exit Light

 Parking Lot, Parking Ramps, Hotel Circles, Valet Lanes 

The CAR COMING Sign is a self contained system that warns pedestrians that vehicle is about to exit a parking garage or other blind spot. When a vehicle is detected, the CAR COMING Parking Garage Exit Light SIGN activates a Visual Flashing Alert and a Voice Message stating "Attention, vehicles exiting. Watch for vehicles." The alert system works to warn distracted pedestrians and drivers of a vehicle exiting the garage.

If you are concerned about the sounder at night because of nearby residents then we can put in a timer board to cut the audio at certain times. (For example 10 pm to 7 am.) 


Also available CAR sign small profile needs.



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Detect vehicle exiting and warn pedestrians with a Voice and Flashing Alert.


More and more municipalities, campuses and government bodies are creating codes and standards to protect pedestrians and ADA pedestrians. Be proactive today and protect pedestrians and protect your organization from liability.

  • Pedestrians
  • Distracted phone users
  • Bicyclists
  • Joggers


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