Monthly Equipment Cleaning Kit

Easy convenience in a box!  Included in each kit:

(4) Weekly Equipment Maintenance Kits

(1) Can of Air

(1) Thermal Printer Pen

If you need extra Weekly Cleaning Kits, you can order them here WCLKIT


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Working equipment will result in a successful sale and hassle-free transactions.  To help you stay successful, we’ve developed an easy way to keep your machines clean with our Monthly Equipment Cleaning Kit.  It holds everything you’ll need to clean many types of machines such as card readers, bill acceptors, thermal printer heads, chip readers, etc.   Each week, grab a weekly kit, can of air and Thermal Printer Pen, then clean your equipment.  Write the date cleaned on the included cling label and you’re ready for another week.  5-10 minutes of prevention a week will pay off dividends in the long run!


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