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Go Green with our GreenDrop Recycling Station!
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Our GreenDrop Recycling Station is the absolute best single station, multi-bin solution for your venue or business when you want to establish a recycling program.

GreenDrop enables guests to drop off all used recycling, composting or landfill items at a one-stop convenient location. In many cases, individual recycling bins migrate apart where incomplete sorting will occur, and guests often use the flat surface as an eating surface. With GreenDrop, the bins are kept together in one convenient and easily found unit, the sorting bin order is consistent at each recycling station throughout the venue so guests can easily sort their waste and recycling without getting frustrated.

GreenDrop is ADA-conforming and 100% recyclable at end-of-life which are very important considerations. Multi-bin solutions are the preferred approach to recycling because they increase guest participation levels of pre-sorting so landfill waste diversion rates rise.

Diversion rates will increase which will lower waste removal costs. Diverted waste often costs half as much as landfill waste. The Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon, increased diversion rates from 38% in 2007 to 90% in 2011 using GreenDrop. Waste diversion is a key factor to attain LEED certification.

GreenDrop base price includes station body, 4 casters, 4 internal bins, and two Messaging / Advertising locations.

  • Internal bins providing approximately 90 gallons of capacity
  • ADA conforming
  • Station's body and internal bins made using 100% recycled content
  • Textured charcoal color disguises dirt and liquids between cleanings
  • Durable station body will not stain and can be wiped down with damp cloth
  • Wheels enable air circulation below the station after wet-mopping
  • Weighs under 100 pounds
  • Station is 100% recyclable at end-of-life
  • Version without wheels available for uneven surfaces

GreenDrop's advertising panels also provide an additional revenue source that attract sponsors looking to associate with a positive, eco-friendly device at your venue.


  • Instruction Labels - four bin openings $60.00
  • Two Messaging / Advertising Labels $90.00


A set of four Instructional labels for the bin openings are $60 per unit to print and install. We have a large library of images to create a custom label or you can provide the design.


Each Messaging label is $45.00 to print and install. Our graphics department can work with your marketing concepts to create a custom design or you can provide the design.

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To view and download GreenDrop Recycling Waste Diversion Station Configuration & Specifications click here

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