Foot Warmer, Booth or Valet Mat

A great way to stay warm!

1 Week

Save money. Save energy. Save lives!  Attendants plagued with cold feet will appreciate the toasty comfort of our Foot Warmer, Booth or Valet Mat. A typical space heater uses 1500 watts of electricity!  This 90 watt unit not only warms your feet, but serves as a mini-space convection heater for your lower legs...and helps reduce your electric costs (vs. a typical space heater) by 95%.  Plus, this will eliminate fire hazards!

Warms cold feet through shoes or boots Perfect for under desks or at standing workstations.  It can also be used as a thawing mat for winter boots and snow-covered shoes.

The cushy rubber mat is 14 inches wide x 21 inches long and weighs 6 pounds.

Foot Warmer is recommended for use on hard, cold, impervious floors such as concrete, tile, stone, etc. *Some delicate surfaces such as carpet or wood may discolor over time with even this gentle heat, and for this reason Foot Warmer is not recommended for direct contact with these surfaces. If you are not sure, place some cardboard under the mat for insulation.

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