bollardSOX™ 4 Packs

Add a touch of whimsy at different times or different occasions with the original bollardSOX™. Made from a special blend of nylon and polyester fabrics, this specialized blend ensures a nice, secure fit and is more durable than the competition. Plus, you can install it in seconds! Available in your choice of (3) different pack series: Holiday, Business or School.

2 Weeks

A great way to utilize valuable marketing space and easy to use! Plus, it’s 100% recyclable, 100% sustainable and machine washable! Fits typical industry standard bollards and bollard covers, available in two sizes: 4.5" diameter or 7" diameter for a bollard up to 52" length. If your bollard is shorter, you can tuck it in at the bottom.

School Pack includes:

  • Back to School - Student Drop Off - No Parking - Caution Pedestrians
  • Business Pack includes: Watch for Ice – Caution – No Parking – Loading Zone
  • Holiday Pack includes: Valentine’s Day – Flag – Halloween - Snowflake
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