Amano Overture System Labels

Created to exclusively work on Amano’s Overture System machinery, our specially crafted labels help your customer understand how to pay for their parking. 

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You took a big step and purchased a new system for your parking lot or garage.  The machinery is installed, but they arrive with no labels.  Oh no!  We’ve created a great way to take the hassle out of getting new or replacement labels. Designed exclusively for the Amano Overture Entry and Exit Stations, you can quickly order them online and soon you will be on your way.     

Easily provide your customers with the know how to operate your unattended pay stations at your parking facility.  Eliminate the frustration of patrons who may not understand how to operate the station.  These labels will increase your traffic throughout and rapid exit for your facility and make it a better experience for your customers.

Also included are blank strips which allows you to cover up any credit cards you don’t accept, further customizing the labels to your needs.  Printed on hi-tack adhesive material and clear laminated for protection and easy cleaning, these labels will make your entry and exit stations a breeze for your customers and reduce operational costs.

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