Vehicle Traffic Tally 2 Counter Kit

It's compact and easy to operate!

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The Traffic Tally 2 vehicle traffic counter is compact, easy to operate and low cost. It requires minimum maintenance and no change of battery for years (approximately 5 years). It is a complete volume counter, with one road tube input. Great for counting traffic to entrances or rural roads.

  • 7 digit LCD (liquid crystal display)
  • Magnetic zero reset
  • 5 year lithium battery
  • Simple to operate
  • Waterproof/ compact/ lightweight
  • Extruded one quarter inch aluminum case with lock and cover

It consists of all the waterproof accessories you need to get accurate vehicle count data: 100 feet of rubber tube, 6 foot cable plus 1 lock, 4 end plug with 2 Allen head wrenches, 8 figure 8 road tube grips, 8 galvanized "c" clamps, 20 concrete nails, magnet on key fab and instructions.


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