Transitioning to the wet weather of the Fall and Winter seasons from the Summer brings a unique list of challenges to all drivers. Slick roads, reduced visibility, and increased vehicle traffic due to the new school year and holidays make the roads troublesome to negotiate. Thankfully, you have The ParkingZone, and we are here with helpful tips to safely travel throughout the treacherous winter.

Tires are the first thing to check when entering a new season. They are the ONLY physical thing adhering your car to the surface of the road. This is critically important, especially during the Fall and Winter months, since you are also dealing with dirt, rain, snow, ice, hail, and other debris on the road surface. The rubber that tires are made of have a temperature window in which they are most effective, with all-season and summer tires losing the necessary pliability when temperatures drop, unlike winter and snow tires. The extra blocks, grooving, and sharper edges of winter tires also help bite into and divert rain and snow.

Second to check, are your wiper blades. These accessories are important in helping keep your windshield and rear window clear and easy to see out of. Visibility is crucial when the evenings get longer and the days are proportionally more dark. Wipers are easy to change and inexpensive when compared to the cost of a life.

Third, and most importantly, are the lights, both inside and out of your vehicle. Brake lights, turn signals, head lights, puddle, door, interior, dome, and trunk lights are all important when conveying your intentions, movements, and location to other drivers on the road. All of these lights can burn out and break over time, so make sure to keep up on the maintenance and replacement of important lights. Also, if you are involved in an accident and found to have faulty lights, you may also be found partially at fault for the accident.

Maintaining your vehicle is not only the smart thing to do for year-round safety and security, but it’s the law. As a driver, you are obligated to keep your vehicle in safe operating condition for not only your safety, but pedestrians and other motorists as well. Safety is no accident, and The ParkingZone is committed to traffic and parking safety with the most comprehensive online selection of on and off-road parking and traffic supplies. Our employees are available 8am-5pm M-F PST, and are happy to answer any questions you might have or help you find a specific product.