The WindMaster Sign product line is a necessary staple and commonly used tool in the parking industry. But what exactly is a WindMaster and how is it different from other outdoor signs? The ParkingZone is your preeminent source for everything parking, so let’s dive in and learn a little bit more about this amazing product!

The WindMaster spring-mounted curb signs are the best outdoor weather-proof sign holders on the market, period. With the option of durable, molded Polypropylene bases and standard aluminum frames, these signs were designed with the elements in mind, resisting rust, corrosion, salt, ice, rain, wind, and sand. The dual spring design allows the curb sign to withstand strong winds. Sand or water can be loaded into the appropriate bases to weigh the sign down for extra protection.

The ParkingZone offers various models and versions of the WindMaster curb signs, ranging from the simple, but robust Model 1000s, to the full-size, jumbo Model 4500s. While some curb signs come with the polypropylene base and conveniently built-in wheels for easy maneuvering, the lighter and simpler models do not have this feature. These simpler, more in-expensive Model 1000 WindMasters are a more lightweight and less complicated package than the larger models. With steel legs instead of the water or sand-filled polypropylene bases, convenience and portability is maximized with these fast-folding and durable signs!

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