With the way technology is headed, will we be seeing self-driving and parking cars become a common thing? Current limitations and recent accidents have left many skeptical with the technology. Should you be worried about fully autonomous vehicles on the road? How is this going to affect your business. The ParkingZone is going on a deep dive about having your car driven and parked for you!

What is self-driving and parking and how does it work? As vehicle drivetrain systems become digitized, brake, throttle, and most steering systems now commonly controlled by separate systems, become easily controlled to do functions such as parking or steering down the road. Using different existing equipment like cameras for blind spot detection, back up-cameras, or parking sensors, manufacturers are able to program functions like self-driving and parking.

Tesla has been a long-standing proponent of the partially-autonomous driving functions found on its range of fully-electric sedans and SUVs. Vehicles will be soon receiving a physical update to the on-board computer, rumored to be called Hardware 3 (HW3), that allows full-autonomy and self-driving capabilities. This upgraded chip features the necessary extra processing power necessary for full self-driving functionality, and the hope that the extra calculations and computing power aids in the safety of the entire system. 

Of course, if you want nothing but a hard-working and trustworthy parking valet attendant to park and drive your vehicle, those are still readily available all over the country in most major cities. The ParkingZone is your go-to source for everything valet parking. From valet umbrella stands, to valet podiums and key boxes, waist aprons, and key locks. This time-proven concept is here to stay for the time being. In most applications, people parking cars is the only option, but we are here to make it the best option!

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