Have you seen a local news story about someone mistaking their gas and brake pedals, become confused pulling into a parking spot, or get into an accident? What about groups of parked vehicles that are broken into by individuals or even bears? Well you aren’t the only ones. It seems that people are forgetting how dangerous parking a car can be. What seems like a mundane, low-speed task, can actually be quite the test of spatial awareness and vehicle control. The ParkingZone is here to help you remember the important parts of parking your vehicle!

First, ensure you drive with the correct footwear. This means flip-flops and other loose-fitting shoes are not ideal. Shoes that fit this description can get caught underneath your pedal or floor mats, potentially putting you at risk.

Second, you’ll want to make sure to signal so you may notify others around you of your intentions. Brake, tail, and headlights can wear out, so make sure all the lights on your car work, and that you use them! This is especially important in places where it is darker for most of the year and during the Winter.

Third, make sure you have your transmission in the right gear. Whether pulling into or out of a parking space, it’s important to keep a bearing of where you are, and where your car is moving. Keep an eye out for other drivers, pedestrians, and other obstacles!

Lastly, and put away any food or valuables that might attract thieves or wildlife.  Be sure to lock your car and remember to note the parking stall or location of where you parked.  A good tip: take a picture with a smartphone of the level you’re on or area around your location for reference later!   You want to protect and keep your vehicle safe while parked! 

The ParkingZone professionals know a thing or two about parking, and we want to remind you to be careful all the time when operating a motor vehicle, especially when entering or exiting a parking space! If you have any questions about a product or this blog article, we can be reached online or over the phone, toll-free.