The Fall and Winter seasons bring with them lots of drivers, dark evenings, and wet weather. The best way to divert this influx of motorists efficiently is a highly visible, dependable, and cost-effective delineator. The 48 inch Safe-Hits are some of our most popular products for on-and-off road delineation. Now, just in time for the Fall and Winter season, The ParkingZone is proud to announce the arrival of its limited-time, Special Overstock Safe-Hit Sale!

We have too many of our ever-popular Safe-Hit posts are now available in select colors and configuration choices from our warehouse, eliminating the lead-time typically associated with this line of products. This is critical at this time of year when there are short windows for installation, and waiting for an order to be produced and assembled is not an option. Included in this sale are the 48” SH1 and SH2 in white, and the 48” SH3 and SH5 in white or yellow at a discounted price of $25.95. These will not last at this price!

This overstock sale on these items will not be available for long so act now and call one of our sales representatives to find out what is still available! The fantastic customer service team at The ParkingZone is available from Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm PST, and is happy to help you find a specific item or answer any questions.