County and State Fairs usually mark the beginning of the end of Summer, which means it will be time to start preparing for the upcoming Fall and Winter months. Signs are a basic way to get pedestrian and drivers attention and convey simple messages for delineation, speed reduction, caution, and much more! The ParkingZone has many types and styles of signs to help things run smoothly!

Snap-On Signs are a great way to deploy temporary signs quickly and easily using standard parking cones. These signs have a special groove that fits the narrow, open top on flexible PVC traffic and parking cones. Our Snap-On Signs come in various sizes and colors, both reflective and non-reflective. These signs are constructed out of weather and UV-resistant ABS plastic to ensure strength and reliability in all conditions.

ParkingZone also carries different mountable plastic and aluminum street signs for use on all types of posts, delineators, walls, pillars and bollards. Both reflective and non-reflective versions are available. Various designs available include directional arrows, School Zone, Pedestrian Crossing, No Entry, Slow, Caution, Stop, as well as all the other common street signs.  We even have sign hardware that fit on most standard delineator posts!

The newest addition to our sign family is the Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign.  Perfect for non-signaled intersections in a permanent or non-permanent fashion, depending on your situation.  If they get hit in any way, they are designed to pop back into its original position after impact. Whether your need is for a parking lot, garage, school or general use, ParkingZone has you covered! With our expansive online catalogue and friendly, knowledgeable staff, The ParkingZone is the only place you need to go for all your parking needs! We are available from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time, and are ready to answer your questions or help you get an order started!