The ParkingZone is the place to be when it comes to parking mirrors, and (watch out, puns ahead!) we’re pretty transparent when we tell everyone about it! We like to think it reflects on our clear and shining record of providing the parking industry with the very highest quality products available. From small to “I didn’t expect it to be this big”-large, from ovals to circles, The ParkingZone is here to help you see the difference when you choose Se-Kure Domes and Mirrors!

Mirrors can be split into two main categories, convex and dome. This refers to the shape in which the mirror is configured. Se-Kure convex mirrors can be specified for either indoor or outdoor use, and come in a variety of sizes ranging from around 18 inches for smaller applications, to 48 inches (4 feet) intended for large warehouses and parking structures. The severity of the curve can also be chosen, in order to give a wider or narrower field of vision within the mirror. Round mirrors can be mounted on flat surfaces, ceilings, poles, corners, or anywhere that will accept the adjustable bracket.

Domes, on the other hand, are to be mounted indoors at the top of walls along the ceiling or in the corner where two walls meet. The designs allow the mirror to be installed “flush” against the corner, instead of needing to first mount a bracket. This is ideal along indoor corridors or where visibility in, or around corners are limited and foot traffic is high. Your choice of high-grade polycarbonate or acrylic are available as material options for mirrors.

The ParkingZone is clearly the place to be when it comes to looking to increase the driver and pedestrian safety in, or around your parking facility! By pairing the most durable, inexpensive, and long-lasting mirrors available to the industry with long-standing expert knowledge, you get the best of both worlds! With over 30 years in the industry, The ParkingZone either has what you’re looking for, or can help you find it. Our friendly expert staff are available from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, so call The ParkingZone today!