Halloween is right around the corner which means that ghosts, ghouls and Spooky Savings will be out and about! Specifically, in time for the Fall season, the ParkingZone is bringing you deals for all of the best safety products for this cold and dark time of the year! Creepy Chalk Sticks, Jeeper-Creeper Jump-N-Carry Jump starters, and Nightmare Kneeling Pads are all on the menu this Spooky Halloween Sale!

Our chalk sticks are a staple for most small to medium-sized parking enforcement, valet, or municipal organization. The tire-marking chalk stick was designed with an ergonomic adjustable handle, and rubber chalk-holding end piece, that allows the easy removal when the chalk has worn down. Available in either a 90-degree bent or 180-degree straight configuration, this benchmark for the industry will be available for a short period of time at 10% off normal pricing!

Our Howling High-Viz Green Jump-N-Carry jump starter units are a must-have for parking facility operations all over the world. Cars can drain their battery, necessitating a jump from either another car via jumper cables, or one of these convenient, portable, and lightweight jump starters. Limited quantities of High-Viz Lime Green are available at 5% off the normal price, so act now!

Standing for long periods of time is one of the trademark downsides to working in the parking industry, however the ParkingZone is here to help make everything more comfortable and enjoyable! Our Anti-Fatigue Pad is made to handle kneeling or standing while working in the office or out in the field. Thick, padded foam reduces the stress incurred on joints and muscles that lead to fatigue and injury. This product is available at a discounted 10% off normal pricing for the Halloween season, giving you no more excuses to spoil yourself or other employees!

The ParkingZone is dedicated to bringing you the absolute best products with the best customer service tailored directly for the parking industry. So call the ParkingZone with your questions today!  Our friendly Sales Team is ready to help!