Generally speaking, parking garages and structures are an unsightly, plain hindrance in upscale, urban environments. Masses of grey concrete, flanked by unsightly industrial products, parking garages aren’t typically regarded as beautiful. However, here at the ParkingZone, we pride ourselves in our ability to help you make your parking structure or garage a more visually appealing and functional space. We offer many products that can upgrade the look and function of your lots such as car coming signs, height clearance bars, and more!

Car warning signs serve an important role in the safety exiting a parking structure to pedestrians and other foot traffic but skirt a fine line between important and obnoxious. With overly harsh metal bells, strobe lights or the inability to power off the device during certain hours can cause headaches to operators and customers, alike. Our Parking Garage Voice Alert and Exit Light is a great solution to all of these issues! The voice message draws attention while not being annoying to those nearby. The lights are programmable to different patterns and a timer can be added to make sure that the warning is not being triggered at unwanted hours. The ParkLine Entry or Exit Lane Signage and Height Clearance Bar is one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of your parking garage. PVC height clearance bars are functional and inexpensive, but can degrade quickly and look out of place in higher-end facilities. The ParkLine Clearance Bar is made from more high-end and durable materials including stainless steel, aluminum, recycled rubber, and heat-applied vinyl stickers. All of this sums up to a fantastic looking and functioning package. Not only that, but optional colors and fully customizable printing, makes sure that this height clearance bar matches all existing on-site marketing and branding.

The ParkingZone is your home when it comes to everything the parking industry needs and uses. Whether it’s printer ribbon, delineators, gate arms, speed bumps, safety equipment, valet podiums, The ParkingZone has it and more! Our expert staff members are here to help answer your questions or help you find exactly what you’re looking for from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Contact us here at the ParkingZone today to make sure you are ready for any situation!