The ParkingZone is the number one place for all your parking needs! With hundreds of products ready for you to browse through, you can consider the website to be our “Ordering Menu”. This includes all the important and common parking operations equipment like valet podiums, delineators, height guard clearance bars, safety equipment, and chalk sticks. But, just like all the best fast-food chains, we have a secret menu chocked full of hidden, off-website items! This includes everything from replacement parts, to bolts, hardware, and other spare parts to help refurbish your equipment.

Gorilla Posts are one of our most popular items, but unfortunately from time to time, people love to run over them in their cars, damaging the post, post cap, stripes, magnets, base, or spring assembly. Even though these small, individual components are not listed, our sales team are happy to help get you what parts you need by phone or email. Custom quotes are required for off-catalogue items, so let us know what you are looking for!

The ParkingZone has even more items on its “secret menu”, so give us a call if you are having a difficult time finding a certain item. We have many replacement components that might meet your needs. Our parking expert staff are available during the week during regular work hours; Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Call the ParkingZone today!