Being stranded outside in the dark or rain due to a dead battery or flat tire is the LAST thing a motorist wants to experience in the Fall or Winter! Thankfully, The ParkingZone is here to help you with your emergency needs. This is why we carry the best emergency portable jump-starters and air compressors from Clore Automotive, including the limited-edition High-Vis Lime Jump-N-Carry; Perfect for night time recovery and assistance!

The JNC660 is the go-to when it comes to portable jump-starters. 1700 peak amps make this Jump-N-Carry the perfect size and power for nearly all applications, while also retaining a lightweight, ultra-portable form. Also, newly introduced during the Fall is our limited edition Lime JNC660 Jump-N-Carry! The high-vis green stands out in any location and adds an eye-catching hue to an already handsome tool. Act soon though, as this is a limited-quantity and one-time limited edition!

For both flat tire and dead battery needs, we offer the JNCAIR, a combination unit with both a 1700 peak amp jump-starter and air compressor in one portable, lightweight package. A built-in, 12-foot, air hose with screw-on chuck allows for quick repair and recovery. For this Jump-N-Carry, convenience is maximized with extra-long jumping cables, and a built-in voltmeter and charger plug.

Visit the ParkingZone to buy products before you have a vehicular emergency! Remember that our experts are available from 8am-5pm PST M-F. If you have any questions or need help finding an item, call us today or message us online for assistance!