Pacific Cascade Corporation employees joined the Portland TrailBlazers recently for an evening of corporate bonding and sharing our commitment to the Green Sport Alliance! The featured game was focused on the efforts that the Moda Center and TrailBlazers have made towards conversation and green-thinking. Portland is a city that takes pride in its continued push for reducing environmental impact.

The ParkingZone and GreenDrop recycling have worked with the Blazers for years in perfecting the best waste and recycling diversion units available. The GreenDrop stations, found all over the Moda Center, have helped it reach LEED Gold status; a highly coveted recognition for the dedication and hard work gone towards conservation and lessening environmental impact.

The GreenDrop is a customizable waste diversion system made out of environmentally-friendly, recycled materials. The number, size, and shape of the openings, as well as all graphics, are completely customizable, able to fit the look and feel of any company or organization. 4 heavy-duty caster wheels allow effortless maneuverability when transporting or moving units.

ParkingZone is the ONLY source for this amazing waste diversion solution! If you have any questions about The GreenDrop or any of our other amazing sustainably-sourced products, our expert parking staff is available 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. We are happy to answer any questions you may have so call us today!