Coming soon to the Parking Zone, new product videos will be published to help you, the customer, better understand the functionality and installation process of various products that the Parking Zone has to offer! This can include how to mount and dismount different types of Gorilla Posts, the different styles of chalk sticks and how to get chalk out, how to install speed bumps, and many others!

The Parking Zone is now home to a modern and state of the art film and photo studio, designed specifically to replace existing product media by producing high-definition and resolution photos and video with professional-level in-house editing and expertise. We here at the Parking Zone continually strive to provide the best customer service to the parking industry, and feel this is a way to drastically improve the functionality and helpfulness of our website.

What would you like to see in an upcoming video? We have a few ideas already in the works, but would love to get your input on any specific topics that you want us to cover. Want us to show the difference in the types and styles of epoxy that we offer? How about one that shows the color and size of different Gorilla Post products compared to each other? Gorilla Post removal? We want to hear from you!The Parking Zone was founded by and for people passionate about the parking industry. Our expert staff is here to help and answer any of your questions! The Parking Zone is open and available to meet your parking needs, from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time. As always safety is no accident, so call the Parking Zone first for all your parking needs!

1-800-292-PARK (7275)