There is a certain joy that is associated with owning a house with a driveway for you to park your car in. Usually when it comes to driveways, I take the Step Brothers approach where “more room for activities” is better. Pulling off of the shared public roads and parking on your little patch of concrete paradise is a feeling not replicated by any parking space, lot or garage. That is why I can very clearly claim that I know who has the best driveway when it comes to parking cars. That’s because, being a Duke, his house is a castle, and every year holds one of the most extravagant car shows and motorsport events on the planet; The Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Duke of Richmond, then Lord March, founded the Goodwood Festival in 1993. After an unsuccessful attempt to host a historic race at the Goodwood Circuit, also located on his property, the Duke instead took to his own driveway, in efforts to bring motorsport back to his estate. In short, he was largely successful. Within 25 years of its conception, the small, driveway-held event had evolved into a 3-day spectacle with a timed hill climb shootout, car auction, forest rally stage, and massive sculpture car-themed sculptures that bring in more than 100,000 people per day.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is happening right now, and can be watched in person in the UK, or online for free on YouTube and Facebook. Duke of Richmond, you have earned The ParkingZone award for “Best Driveway Parking”. Do you have of an idea for someone whose parking deserves recognition? Let us know and send us your suggestions! We here at The ParkingZone have the most comprehensive selection of parking products online, including car shows and races! Cones, reflective vests, caution tape, and more can be found on our online store. If you’re having trouble finding a product or have a question, we can be reached online or toll-free at 1-800-292-7275.