The ParkingZone has been providing products and solutions for all levels of Parking and Traffic Enforcement needs. We love what we do.


First up, Mark Curtis (on left) …he’s the head cheese around here always keeping us in line. He started this company in 1987 and has been growing it ever since. Past football player for the Huskies…. drummer…president of the company…that’s our fearless leader!


I’d like to introduce Jordan Haggard…he keeps our warehouse in line and gets your order out quickly and efficiently. He’s a Martial Artist – Musician - Family Man


Lyle P. has been with Pacific Cascade since 2004 and effortlessly runs the Gorilla Post and GreenDrop divisions. He always has a story for us! Mentor…Lover of the Outdoors...Verbose. That’s our Lyle!


We’d like to introduce you to one of the newest members of the Pacific Cascade team. CJ joined us to help with a special in-house Gorilla Post project. Surrounded by lots of yellow Gorilla Posts daily, he builds, packs and coordinates shipments with accuracy. He’s Baldy…Bearded…and quite Humble.


Tiffany works for our sister company DGM Systems and wears many hats such as assistant, coordinator, accounts receivable, purchaser. She’s also a Hobby farmer…Carpool Rockstar…and Enjoyer of Sushi.


Eli is our main sales person who processes your orders with accuracy and always with a smile! He is a History Buff…Coffee Connoisseur….and a Cat Dad.


Ethan is our sales support and trade show coordinator while dabbling with a little bit of marketing. He is also a Race Car Driver, Artist and Dog Dad!


Heather is our Controller. She keeps all of the accounts in line, as well as all of us! She’s a culinary extraordinaire, card shark and homebody.


Darlene is our Accounts Receivable and Web Guru, handling them both with ease. She is also a Bookworm…Animal Lover…and Fluent in Canadian, eh.


Keith works for our sister company DGM Systems fielding many phone calls and handling much technical support making it all look stress-free. He’s a Marathoner…History Buff…and Beer Connoisseur.


Deanna Meyer (that is not a typo, she spells her name in all lowercase letters). She wears many hats handling our Accounts Payable, Purchasing and controls inventory. She’s also a Scrapbooker…photographer…and baker extraordinaire.


Davioun works for our sister company DGM as a Service Technician. He keeps your machines in good working order with a smile. He says he’s a Token. Military. Weeb.


Elijah. He works for our sister company DGM Systems as a Service Technician, keeping your machines in working order, or fixing them when they’re down. He’s also an outdoorsman…gamer….and a Christian.


Scott is our Marketing Director. He can design things really amazing things. That creative side carries over into his personal life as well, creating custom wood furniture and fine art painting. He’s also Inquisitive…Optimistic…and has an ‘I can do that attitude


Paul works for our sister company DGM Systems and handles all aspects of the computer systems, including building the servers to handle it all. He’s also Master of the EMT home kit…Aspiring one percenter…and Computer Guru.


Justin is the Service Team Manager for our sister company DGM Systems. He runs the Service Team and coordinates all of the service calls. He’s a juggler…likes to camp and proud father.