Mirrors can be an incredibly handy tool when designing a parking lot, garage, or roadway to help you keep your customers safe. Carrying a wide array of designs, styles and sizes to choose from, you are bound to find what you are looking for at the ParkingZone. Our large selection includes ceiling mounted Dome Mirrors, Concave and Convex Mirrors, Square Mirrors, Indoor Mirrors, and Outdoor mirrors! However, the ParkingZone will be instituting a new policy in regards to the larger 36 inch and 48 inch mirrors.

When we say our mirrors are big, we mean it; our 36 and 48 inch mirrors really are 3 and 4 feet across! Due to the size and weight of these larger mirrors, the ParkingZone must reinforce a “No Returns” policy due to a high number of returns where the mirror seemed larger than originally thought. Measuring twice always makes the difference, so know exactly what size mirror you are looking for before purchasing!

With the weather in the Midwest and East Coast taking a chilly dive, we here at the ParkingZone would like to remind our customers that weather does have an effect on shipping times for packages. If you are located in regions affected by bad weather, stay warm inside, and be patient as the ParkingZone does its best to fulfill your order. As always, our expert parking staff are available from 8am-5pm PST from Monday through Friday.