New bollard design appears on the left of each image. Bollards are available in 10 colors Do you currently own some original bollards and want to freshen up their appearance? We now offer a kit to convert the old-style bollard into the new style which uses an adapter to seal off the underneath of the bollard to keep out spiders, wasps and other pests. This kit works for all magnetic and non-magnetic base bollards. The conversion kit is quite simple. Remove the 4 hex nuts holding the black tube to the spring system in your current bollard. Lift that bollard and tube off the spring and set to the side. Keep 2 of the hex nuts. Lower the new bollard with adapter onto the spring and reuse 2 of the 4 hex screws to tighten the connection. Discard the old bollard. That is how easy the process is! You can even take this opportunity to change the color of the bollard and striping. We now offer over 10 colors of bollards! The GPBollardConversionKit is $95 and is available now. To learn more about the Gorilla Post System or arrange for a FREE webinar, contact: Lyle Peters, Director of U.S. Sales for the Gorilla Post System or visit the Gorilla Post website. Pacific Cascade Corporation at (360) 574-9313 ext. 211 or 1-800-292-7275