PCAMANOLABELS_Amano_Labels Take the hassle out of getting new or replacement labels for your ticket and pay stations.  Designed for the Amano McGann AMG-2000 Entry and AMG-4000 Exit Stations (Amano ships without instruction labels).  Enjoy the convenience of easy on-line ordering without having to order art from the manufacturer and then taking it to a local printer yourself. Let patrons know how to operate your unattended entrance and exit stations at your parking facility.  Prevent unwanted inquires when a customer pushes the wrong button.  Eliminate the frustration of patrons not understanding how to operate the station or finding out your facility does not accept cash at the exit point.  These labels will increase your traffic throughput and rapid exit for your facility and make it a better experience for your customers. By cutting the supplied blank strips, you can cover up any credit cards you do not accept, customizing the labels to your needs.  Printed on hi-tack adhesive material and clear laminated for protection and easy cleaning, these labels will make your entry and exit stations a breeze for your customers and reduce operational costs. Unattended Entry and Exit Station Labels PCAMANOLABELS $79.00 PCAMANOLABELS_Exit_Entry_Station