Gate arms can be incredibly effective at directing when to allow someone through a designated checkpoint at a parking lot or garage, but it doesn’t it always seem like there are too many choices when it comes to the types of gate arms available? Between Magnetic, Octagonal, PVC, and different Aluminum folding and straight options, it can get confusing which gate arm fits your application best.The Aluminum gate arms we carry are designed specifically for Amano equipment and come in folding, or straight versions in various lengths of 11 or 12 feet. These gate arms are available for all Amano AGP and AMG branded gate entry systems. These gate arms come with a rubber strip installed along the bottom edge to reduce potential damage to vehicles or pedestrians, but you may also order a second, more robust, protective foam edge. PVC gate arms are manufactured in-house here at The ParkingZone. They are available in 6-packs, measure 10 feet in length, and are outfitted with warning stickers.  Our Deluxe version arrive with pads already installed on the bottom for extra protection. An available Universal Mounting Kit allows these inexpensive alternatives to be adapted to the major gate manufacturers. Magnetic’s Varioboom and Octagonal Aluminum gate arms are unique looking and can sometimes be confusing as to which one is the correct one needed. The Varioboom is 10 feet long and attached to the gate entry system using an angled piece of bracket while the 10 or 12-foot Octagonal Aluminum gate arm attaches straight off of the device. These gate arms, designed specifically for Access Gates, can sometimes be tough to find, but The ParkingZone has everything you need! From the mounting brackets, to the Magnetic gate arms and optional octagonal gate arm pad, designed to fit only these unique gate arms.The ParkingZone is your one-stop shop when it comes to the parking industry! If you are having trouble find a certain item, our staff is available from 8am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday, and is always ready to help answer your questions.