Keeping your customers protected while parking their cars is a high priority for most facility and lot operators, as customer satisfaction is key for maintaining revenue. One quick way to help make customers happy and keep parking lots and garages safe is to install wall and corner cushions or protectors on areas where there is high-risk for vehicle or property damage. The ParkingZone has a variety of pads, protectors, cushions, and corner markers to make any unfriendly parking lots soft and inviting so let’s check out some options!

The Bollard and PoleKat padded sleeves are custom-made for each order, guaranteeing a perfect fit for virtually any size column, pole, beam, bollard or gate arm. Starting at a standard height of 48 inches, these personalizes wraps are available in multiple colors with reflective striping sewn into the material itself, ensuring durable construction for a product that was designed to last. Please inquire at The ParkingZone for price quotes on custom sizing!

Glue-mounted foam corner cushions and wall cushions are a cost-effective and efficient way to increase safety and customer satisfaction! Adhered using popular aerosol-based glue sprays, these high density foam pads can be mounted onto most clean, solid materials such as concrete, brick, wood, and metal. These pads are also water-resistant and mildew resistant for inclement weather environments.

High-Density Polyethylene is a crack and chip-resistant plastic-based material that is used in different industries for its strength and durability. In the parking industry, it’s used in all different types of height guard bars, traffic cones, delineators, and other products that see lots of abuse from pedestrians and vehicles, as well as various types of wall and column protectors. Its durability lends itself greatly where doors and cars are likely to scrape, hit or rub. Different sizes, styles, and shapes are available for all kinds of applications across the parking industry.

The ParkingZone is your go-to source for the very best parking and traffic products and the very best customer service in the industry! Since 1987, our expert staff have accumulated over 100 years of combined experience helping anyone across the country with a parking need. There is no problem we can’t help you solve! Call us between the hours of 8am and 5pm PST for assistance or help ordering.