Have you found yourself wanting to mount a delineator or sign post into soil but are worried about cars hitting and damaging them? Mounting sign posts and delineators into grass, dirt, gravel, and other loose surfaces had typically been a difficult problem because of this issue. Our revolutionary Soil-Driven Gorilla Post allows the customization, ease of installation, and flexible base design, as found on the rest of our Gorilla Post range. Let us educate you about this exciting, revolutionary product!

Whether you struggle for space on sidewalks or have a lot and traffic on loose surfaces, our Soil-Driven Gorilla Post is designed to help you out. A corrugated steel tube is first driven into the ground to create an anchor base for the delineator or sign post. The special base on our 2-1/3” Gorilla Posts are then installed onto the steel tube using the provided mounting hardware. This allows for the Gorilla Post to act as designed, flexing and springing back into position when struck by a pedestrian or vehicle. This keeps your facility looking clean and presentable at all times!

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