Paying for parking is one of those things that everyone ends up paying for, even if you work in the parking industry. It seems that some people will go to the ends of the earth to try to avoid a violation, and for some, it meant flexing their diplomatic immunity. You may say, the kinds of people who get diplomatic immunity are not the kind of people to cheat the system like that, but you would be very wrong. Join the ParkingZone as we educate you on the shady side of Diplomatic parking privilege.

Diplomatic immunity is the concept where diplomats are free from prosecution when stationed in foreign countries. To both the state and city of New York, respectively, it seemed the act of Diplomats parking where they wanted without recourse had gotten out of hand. At a certain point in time according to Reuters, New York City had a list of countries that had accrued over $16 million dollars in parking violations. However, in 2002, New York City’s mayor made it clear that this loophole would no longer be exploited. “We’ve tried to work with these countries (…) and they just keep saying to keck with you (…) that’s fine but when you come to see your car next Friday it’s going to be in a city pound,” says then Mayor Michael Bloomberg. We are with you! Down to bad parkers!

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