Finding a parking space in a crowded city or garage yourself can be frustrating and the formula for valet parking has not changed in a few decades. You pull up to a garage or front of an establishment, leave your keys, get a ticket, and your car is parked for you by a friendly and cautious valet employee. However, as cars become smarter and self-autonomous, two companies are looking to harness technology to create self-controlled valet parking.

Daimler and Bosch are looking to change the way you think about parking your vehicle. Thanks to a suite of sensors, cameras, and electric motors that the last decade has bestowed upon the car industry, cars are increasingly able to drive themselves safely. Using this already-existing technology, the two companies have begun development of an automated valet parking lot in Beijing, China.

Upon arriving at the newly developed garage, you park in a designated drop-off area, and open up a parking app on your phone. Using motion detectors, sensors, and cameras installed in the garage in tandem with the drivetrain and safety systems in the vehicle, the garage and app work together to register, park, and track your vehicle independently. While technology like this is in its early phases of development, it certainly is exciting and interesting to see new and creative solutions to frustrating problems in our lives.

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