Ever shout at someone across a parking lot and think to yourself, “There has to be a better way than losing my voice over this message”? The ParkingZone has that better way, and that better way is the Smart Sign Panel! This industry standard for lit and un-lit, free-standing signage is a great way to convey pre-chosen or custom messages to your customers and drivers, alike.

The Smart Sign Panel is the newest, recently-updated version, of the tried and true two-piece design. Using a lower section of molded recycled rubber base in various weights and an upper, polyethylene sign panel, pieces are broken down, stored, and interchanged easily. Available on all signs is reflective tape on the sides, and on white sign panels, an internal LED light that internally lights the sign adds to the effect and gets even more attention!

Most importantly, The ParkingZone is able to custom design sign panels in-house, improving the look, feel, and performance of your sign panel. Company logos, type-face, messages, and more can be utilized when customizing the Smart Sign Panel for your location! Speak to one of our sales staff for more information!

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