Summer can be the favorite time of the year for many, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where sunny days are a special occasion. The longer and warmer days bring around pool parties, evening bonfires, car shows, trips to the ice cream shop, and much more. However, parking cars during the summer months, and leaving children in them can be incredibly deadly, even for the shortest of moments. It doesn’t take long for a car to reach dangerous temperatures, even with the windows “cracked.”

An average of 37 children pass away annually in the U.S. due to their guardians leaving their young children in parked vehicles, even with the best intentions. Here at the ParkingZone, we’ll do our best to remind everyone about the dangers of leaving young children, or pets for that matter, in parked cars in the sun or partial shade!

Everyone has seen or envisioned eggs cooking on the sidewalk, but what about cooking food inside of a hot car? The University of Texas at Dallas recently did an experiment and made a video documenting the process. Foods tested included hot dogs, tomatoes, cookie dough, and milk. In 100 degree Texas heat, interiors in the test vehicle reached 180 degrees, the hot dogs were cooked completely, the milk made it to a scalding 160 degrees, the cookies baked better than Grandma could, and the tomatoes were sun-dried. In the simplest of terms, if it’s hot enough to cook food, it’s hot enough to cook a human. Leaving a child or pet in hot parked cars can absolutely be deadly!

The ParkingZone cares deeply about parking, traffic and vehicle safety.  We want you to enjoy your summer, and want to make sure you have all the information you need to be safe this summer. Remember, safety is no accident!

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