The ParkingZone is the number one parking shop, so it makes sense that we would want to help you keep your company, property, and planet clean! Whether it’s cleaning cards, cleaning pens, graffiti remover, or SNAP cleaning swabs, the ParkingZone knows how to keep your organization running as cleanly and efficiently as possible. We have helped everyone from small family-owned businesses all the way to the Moda Center in Portland achieve green greatness, so let us dive into a unique cleaning-based product line that is out to help you stay clean without hurting the environment.

BioKleen is a small business located in the same city that The ParkingZone is based out of, Vancouver, Washington.  As a company, we recognized their dedication to providing not only local, but other communities around the country without the hazardous, noxious, dangerous chemicals typically found in industrial cleaners. Instead by using natural and plant-based ingredients such as grapefruit and orange oil, BioKleen contains ZERO ammonia, petroleum, chlorine, phosphates, glycol, butyl, or other SLES,  EDTA or EPA priority pollutants. This all sounds amazing, but what do they offer to clean different surfaces and materials?

For any type of ground surface, the Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner will shine and clean floors using a blend of citrus extracts and enzyme-producing cultures. This product can be used indoors as well as out, and does not leave any type of harsh smell or sticky residue.

For glass and windows, the BioKleen Glass Cleaner Spray dissolves grease, grime, dirt, oil, and other pollutants. Containing plant-based concentrates, this glass cleaner leaves no streaks or harsh smells.

Tough, greasy jobs call for the Citrus Soy Solvent Degreaser made without any artificial fragrances, colors, or acids, this degreaser is perfect for garages, parking lots, and industrial buildings. With the power of soy and citrus, this powerful degreaser is able to dissolve gum, paint, wax, tar, and other strong adhesives.

All other types of cleaning work can be tackled by the BioKleen All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate.  This all-around cleaner and degreaser is gentle enough to work on all kinds of surfaces, and doesn’t leave any type of sticky residue, or harsh fumes. Coming in a super concentrated format, only one ounce of cleaner is needed per gallon of water.

The ParkingZone is dedicated to not only providing you with the best products to keep your facility, business, or operation running clean, efficient, and smooth, but working with the best domestically-based companies, both local and across the country. If you have a question, our parking expert staff are available from 8am to 5pm M-F PST to help you. Safety is no accident so call The ParkingZone today and see how we can help you clean up your act!