City and campus parking can sometimes get tricky when it comes to parking something other than a car.   It can also be difficult to find the right fit when you are looking for public bicycle protection and storage products. Unfortunately, bicycle and scooter theft/vandalism are on the rise in metropolitan areas. Thankfully, the ParkingZone is just the place to look when it comes to outfitting your garage, parking lot, University, or municipal facility for alternative transportation! It makes a great deal of sense to future-proof your location and get set up for the new wave of bikers. Continue reading to understand the difference in styles of bicycle storage racks.Bicycle racks come in several styles of mounting; floor-mounted, in-ground mounted and wall-mounted. Floor-mounted and in-ground mounted styles include the famous hoop-style rack, and the Curb-It bicycle security and parking stand. These mount to the ground, but hold the bike upright, sitting on the ground with both wheels. The ParkingZone also has an incredibly wide selection of the standard “wave”-style bike racks in different lengths, and colors including green, sky blue, wine red, bronze, bright yellow, flat black, and purple! This allows you to tailor the racks outside of any location to the color-scheme, amount of foot traffic, and aesthetic of your business! If you’re looking for wall-mounted style racks, the Mini Mum vertical hanger, and the Wall-It security device might be the answer. The Mini Mum holds the bike vertically using strong steel cables, while the Wall-It provides a solid hoop to tie your bike to. This takes up less square footage and keeps bicycles organized for all users. These both attach to concrete walls using large anchor bolts, and are very sturdy and secure for all styles of bicycle.

The ParkingZone is your go-to shop for all things parking related, including bicycle racks and storage! Remember that our friendly and knowledgeable parking experts are available to answer all of your questions from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, PST, so call today!