The automobile parking industry as we know it is a relatively new industry that has seen incredible growth over its short history. While the exact dates in which parking enforcement began are unknown, massive advancements have been made in the past century whose impacts can still be felt in today’s industry. For example, consider the rise and fall of the lowly coin operated mechanical parking meter. Once a regular sight in downtown environments, has seemingly vanished from the surface of most urban networks.

The very first patent drawing was filed in 1928 by Roger Babson, an American entrepreneur and economist. While he created a simple, coin-accepting machine that timed how long a car may park in a certain spot, we are sure he was not aware of the impact he would have on on-street parking for decades to come. When it comes to parking, the process has not changed much since Babson drew the original patent in the late 20s; you park your car and pay for your parking on the sidewalk at a machine that gives you the amount of time you have to park your car. There aren’t many things left that are similar to what they were 100 years ago!

Today, the modern equivalent of single-space parking meters has evolved into a sophisticated piece of hardware, blending multi-space coverage with digital payment convenience. Familiarity is combined with cutting-edge technology. Multi-space or single space meters and Pay-On-Foot stations are blast from the past - and a look to the future.

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