When it comes to online commerce and sales, taxes can be a tricky thing. When making a purchase in the past, it was uncommon to see tax added onto the final sales price if the online seller resided outside of the buyers’ state. Historically to this point, such has been true when it comes to The ParkingZone as well. Making its home in Washington State, The ParkingZone was only required to collect and remit sales tax to customers who also live in Washington State. Recently, however, the Nexus laws have changed.

Starting in July 2018, states including Vermont, Tennessee, and Hawaii began enforcing taxes on online sales. Since then, eleven different states joined the aforementioned including Wisconsin, Washington, North Dakota, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Alabama. This means that you may have sales tax appear on your invoice if the retailer you are purchasing from has met the requirements to register in your state to collect and remit sales tax. You are responsible to report and pay Use Tax on taxable purchases from retailers that do not collect sales tax on taxable items. You may notice sales tax on your ParkingZone invoices in 2019 as we identify which states we’ve met the threshold requirements for Economic Nexus.

The ParkingZone is committed to assisting our customers find the highest quality and affordable parking products.  As we move forward with the sales tax law changes, watch for exciting changes with new products and pricing at The ParkingZone. If you have any questions or need help finding or identifying a special product, let us know; our expert staff is available 8am-5pm PST Mon-Fri!

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